Sandwich panels

SANDWICH PANELS are composite materials, consisting of two layers of galvanized steel sheet , coated with polyester coating, or aluminium trapezoidal sheets with internal filling (of PUR - polyurethane, PIR -polisocyanate, rockwool-mineral wool), intended for thermal insulation. In the manufacture of cold storage panels, apart from dyed galvanized sheet, metal surfaces of stainless steel can also be used products.

As an internal filler, polyurethane and the polisocyanate are the most commonly used plastic foams for the production of sandwich panels. In recent years, their fire fighting performance has been significantly improved. The mineral wool gives very good results in fire resistance and sound insulation.
Sandwich panels provide very high thermal insulation, watertightness, soundproofing insulation and prevent moisture condensation.

The sandwich panels offered hereto are used as: roofing material for roofs, facades of buildings, partition walls and ceilings, cold storage rooms (refrigerated chambers). They are available in different thicknesses and widths with different RAL colors and different fillings. In order to improve the lighting requirements of buildings, especially large ones, transparent polycarbonate products (flat and trapezoidal) are offered , which provide more daylight in the premises. Accessories, such as fasteners, bolts and screws, are also available so that that they give to buildings complete, finished appearance.

Sandwich panels come to the fore in architectural preference with its rapid manufacturing and assembly capabilities, high load-bearing capacity and lightweight construction, as well as high insulation properties.
They are used in the construction of public and industrial buildings, factories, warehouses,
for buildings at the constructional sites, as well as the storage of food, medical and pharmaceutical products in refrigerators, made of panels for cold storage, covered with special paint, providing complete protection against bacteria.


The sale is made as per respective order,according to the appropriate standard (EN, ASTM and ISO), panel type, dimensions, quantities and colors. Delivery is made to the customer's warehouse.