Refractory products

REFRACTORY PRODUCTS аre products, that withstand high temperatures without destroying and changing their shape.They are used as insulation protection for lining furnaces and units, which leads to a longer service life. Refractory products are characterized by certain properties that determine the type of individual refractory, that will be used for masonry to suit the conditions under which the individual furnaces and units operate.
Fire resistance is the most important property, which determines the effectiveness of a refractory.

It is expressed in a temperature threshold value at which the deformation process begins.
The temperature threshold value for refractory materials is a minimum of 1580 ° C and a maximum of 3000 °C. Other properties are mechanical strength, slag resistance and heat resistance.

Depending on their chemical composition, refractories are acidic, basic and neutral.
Also they are alumina (based on Al2O3), magnesite (based on MgO), chromite (based on Cr2O3), carbon (based on C), dinas (based on SiO2), magnesite-chrome (MgO-Cr2O3), magnesia- carbon (MgO-C), spinel (Al-MgO-C) and others.
According to the method of production and their purpose, they are shaped and unshaped.
Shaped refractory bricks are straight, wedges, radial and shaped articles.
Unshaped refractory materials are concrete, ramming and torcret tables, coatings and others.

They are applied in the lining of furnaces and units in the metallurgical, cement and glass industries, at the shaft furnaces at the production of soda and others.


The specialists, dealing with refractory products at Stelco Ltd., are highly qualified silica and metallurgical engineers who are well versed in the production, operation and sales of refractory products. The company maintains long-term partnerships with international manufacturers.
Delivery of refractory products shall be subject to arrangements for the complete or partial construction of the unit, based on a consistent drawing for masonry.
Refractory bricks are delivered on pallets, and concrete and masses by big - bags in different quantities.
The materials are delivered to the customer's warehouse.