Aluminium packaging

THE ALUMINIUM FOIL, with its great protective function, actively protects products from external influences and guarantees a barrier to light, gases, moisture, micro-organisms and undesirable aromas. In addition, it not only extends the durability of sensitive products, but also prevents them from being damaged. Lightweight, comfortable and non-brittle, aluminium packaging are preferred packaging products.

Flexible packaging is used in the production of chocolate, chewing gum, as a top cover of yogurt, cow butter and margarine, bread yeast, triangular cheese, soup, nuts, snacks, ice cream, tea bags, and more.

As industrial packaging, aluminium foil is used as a back panel of refrigerators, in the production of air conditioners, as an insulation material for roofs, walls, pipes, etc., as well as protective films for high quality products.

The aluminium foil acts as a barrier against oxygen, light and water vapor, because of which it is also used for the internal packaging of cigarettes in the cigarette production.


The aluminium foil is available as a single-layer and/or multi-layer (depending on purpose), on rolls with logo stamp or without logo. Optionally foil can be cut, ready for use.
The sale is made in accordance with set order showing type, size, thickness in microns, multi-layer type and weight of paper or other, color as well.
Delivery is made to the customer's warehouse.